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“Where in the world is……OSAMA BIN LADEN”

Now is it just me, or did anyone notice that the entire country has been looking for THIS ONE GUY for ten years…AND HAVE YET TO FIND THIS MOFO. I mean seriously a 6’7” Arab with kidney failure supposedly hiding in a rock cannot be this hard to find. The killer part is that America has successful invaded and restructured an entire country, which had nothing to do with the terrorist attack that was supposedly perpetrated by ^^^^THAT GUY^^^^.  What buggs me out is that friend of the court can find my cousin without fail, but an entire country’s military force can’t find this one guy? call me crazy, but after ten years of searching, something just doesn’t sit right with me.



You know I was going to get into this long, drawn out blog about skinny jeans and the whole skinny jean epidemic, but to honest….I really don’t have to say shit about this picture. A picture is worth a thousand words so I’m going to shut the hell up and let this picture speak for itself. I want to hear from you guys about this one. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH AMERICA TODAY?

“Libyan Liberation”

LIBERATION!!!!!  This week the U.N voted to have a no fly zone over the Libyan Skies. This mean s that the forces of Libyan Ruler Muammar Gaddafi will not be bale to continue their bombing raid on the Libyan rebel forces who are on the ground fighting for freedom against the tyranny of the Gaddafi regime. If you did not know, Rebel Forces have been engaged in constant combat against Gaddfis forces in the hopes ousting the ruler, and removing him from power.  The conflict stared as peaceful protest by the people in hopes forcing Gaddafi to vacate the presidential seat, Gadafi then turned and began  to attack civilians who were protesting, and in turn incited retaliation from rebel forces. The U.N. has voted that Libya is no a no fly zone, and any aircraft that is not apart of the coalition to aid Libyan Civilians will be shot down on sight by U.N forces. This is a step to help protect innocent Libyan Civilians who were the victims of bombing attacks. President Obama stated in a Press Conference that he will lend support to the U.n coalition, but he will not be sending Ground Troops into Libya to Engage Gaddafi Forces. He will lend air support, and aid to the Libyan Civilians. Although I am not a Libyan national, i do support those who fight for their freedom and a better way of life from the clutches of an dictator, or any oppressive leadership. We should all keep Libya in our hearts and Minds.


Prayer For Japan



As most of you all may know massive 8.9 earthquake shook the island nation of  Japan last week, and wrecked havoc and destruction across most of the northern part of the main island of Japan. The earthquake was then followed by an enormous 29ft Tsunami that added to the destruction and death toll around the northern coast of Japan. As a result of these natural disasters thousands of Japanese lost their lives, homes, businesses, and overall way of life. The aftermath of the Natural disaster has also caused unforeseen horror due to explosions at several of Japan’s nuclear power plants that were hit hard the Earthquake and the resulting Tsunami. The protective radiation shields inside the nuclear plants that housed the nuclear reactors have sustained irreparable  damage, and if they rupture, could spew radioactive fumes that could be carried by the wind, that could spread to an untold distance around Japan, or even further. some of the Workers form the Nuclear plants have embarked on what many called ” Suicide Mission” in which they enter the highly radioactive plants, in attempts to cool the reactors to keep to help keep them stable and prevent them potentially threatening the lives of thousands of Japanese…or perhaps more.  The work of these brave men is a symbol of hope in the dark and cloudy times that currently face Japan, and the issues that may occur in the future. It’s times like these that we all need to keep the nation of Japan and its people in our thoughts and prayers, and as a united world need to do our part to assist in any way we can.


Remember, just 5 short years ago in the gulf coast, we faced one of the greatest “NATURAL” disasters to ever hit this country. And even though the rescue efforts and actions were handled poorly, we still received assistance form our allies in any way that they could. Lending a helping hand to those in need transcends countries, religions, sex, age, creed, or color….it’s what makes us Human.