Daily Archives: March 18, 2011


Prayer For Japan



As most of you all may know massive 8.9 earthquake shook the island nation of  Japan last week, and wrecked havoc and destruction across most of the northern part of the main island of Japan. The earthquake was then followed by an enormous 29ft Tsunami that added to the destruction and death toll around the northern coast of Japan. As a result of these natural disasters thousands of Japanese lost their lives, homes, businesses, and overall way of life. The aftermath of the Natural disaster has also caused unforeseen horror due to explosions at several of Japan’s nuclear power plants that were hit hard the Earthquake and the resulting Tsunami. The protective radiation shields inside the nuclear plants that housed the nuclear reactors have sustained irreparable  damage, and if they rupture, could spew radioactive fumes that could be carried by the wind, that could spread to an untold distance around Japan, or even further. some of the Workers form the Nuclear plants have embarked on what many called ” Suicide Mission” in which they enter the highly radioactive plants, in attempts to cool the reactors to keep to help keep them stable and prevent them potentially threatening the lives of thousands of Japanese…or perhaps more.  The work of these brave men is a symbol of hope in the dark and cloudy times that currently face Japan, and the issues that may occur in the future. It’s times like these that we all need to keep the nation of Japan and its people in our thoughts and prayers, and as a united world need to do our part to assist in any way we can.


Remember, just 5 short years ago in the gulf coast, we faced one of the greatest “NATURAL” disasters to ever hit this country. And even though the rescue efforts and actions were handled poorly, we still received assistance form our allies in any way that they could. Lending a helping hand to those in need transcends countries, religions, sex, age, creed, or color….it’s what makes us Human.