Monthly Archives: April 2011

GAS PRICES!!!!!!!!!!


Ok I’m going to start this blog off by saying..GAS IS HIGH AS HELL!!!. It literally baffles me just how much gas prices have gone up in only a matter of 90 days or so. The prices at the pump are not just a pain, they are a sever hindrance on daily activities. The fact that the average person now spends more than $45 to fill up even the smallest of tanks is an idea that quite honestly reshapes your everyday purchases. For example, personally I spend over $60 per week in gas. I drive from my home to downtown Detroit everyday which is usually a 15 minute drive around 12-15 miles away. If I do any additional driving such as; running errands, visint friends, getting a haircut, or anything recreational, then that $60 a week can easly turn into $80 or more. If you multiply that by an average of 4 weeks in a given month…that’s over $320 a month. That’s a car note, a cable bill, 2 cell phone bills…I feel like im tricking off with any sexual gratification, WTF?

And of course the reason they give us for the high ass gas prices is that they speculate the supply of gas might be cut off to unrest in Middle Eastern countries DESPITE THE FACT that the U.S gets the majority of its gas from Canada??? Sounds like a crock of BULL to me, but aye what do I know, im just a brotha with a laptop and an opinion. I really want to hear your thoughts on the subject…I will have to do a video about this.  But I will say this, if we don’t do something about this issues, the price at the bottom of the above picture could be reality in about a week or so………..?????