Daily Archives: May 5, 2011


I came across while i was at a bookstore near my school and i thought to myself….WOW, if this is not a clear example of the Hip Hop spectrum then i dont what is. I find it to be the best description of the wide range of what Hip Hop and rap really are, two pople from two completely different  walks of life, with two very different philosophies both gracing national magazine covers at the same time. The two biggest Hip Hop magazines in the world have both chosen to put these tow artist on the front page, but what does it really mean? Being fans of both artist, i must say i would be inclined to buy moth magazines and read the artist points of view to the questions being asked, and gain deeper insight int what they really think. I just wanted this quick picture, and express some quick thoughts into one of my daily observations. I am really interested however into seeing what you have to say on the subject?