Daily Archives: May 15, 2011


This past Week I have seen several instances that have shocked me to my very core and I began to question the idea of motherhood. On mother’s day I was driving past a gas station and I saw a woman who was CLEARLY and VISIBLY pregnant walking out of gas station opening a pack of newports??? Then the other day I saw a news story where this young girl went to a local park, get drunk, and left her 3 month baby abandoned in the middle of the park. The baby was subsequently discovered left alone, and brought to the local police station. Questions arose in my mind as to why? How could someone just leave an innocent baby girl in the middle of park? As a human being I was mortified. I cannot begin to understand what would compel someone to just leave their child in the middle of a park. The idea of Motherhood is something that i also believed to be sacred. The power to nurture and cultivate life within your own body is an idea that was always miraculous and an age old responsibility that should never be taken lightly. I feel that the mindset of many of the young women today is that they are selfish, and they don’t want to fully commit to the responsibility that are involved in caring for a fetus, child, or baby. to often today i saw irresponsible young mothers who would rather leave their child in the care of others so that they can fulfill their own pleasures. For example if you are a smoker,(which i don’t understand anyway) and you are pregnant, why would you put the health of your child at risk, and create possible lifelong health problems for your child just so you can continue to poison your body and “enjoy” a square? I feel that most people don’t realize that everything a woman does when she is pregnant effects her baby in one way or another.So therefore is is vital to ensure that you do whatever you can to ensure the health and safety of your child during these critical moments of development. More and more young women today just don’t seem to realize this fact, or take this responsibility to heart. It’s a sad reality, but it’s one that can be avoided.

This is a topic that I will discuss in future blog videos in more detail but i feel that i had to get some random thoughts out to the world. Be on the lookout for the video.