2012 Election

So Trump is out of the race, Mike Huckabee is out of the race, Newt Gingrinch is a Jackass, and Sarah Palin is a moron. The way things look right for the first time in history there just may not be a presidential race in 2012 if the republicans can’t get their act together and Obama just might win by default lol. I mean think about, it would be impossible for Obama to run against himself and there are not anymore strong republican candidates who even have enough steam to make a valid run in 2012 and time is running out. It takes at least a year and half or maybe even 2 years to garner enough steam and notoriety to even have a shot at winning. I don’t know what’s going to happen with the republicans 1. BECAUSE I AM A DEMOCRAT, 2. I REALLY DON’T CARE, AND 3. I WAS VOTING FOR OBAMA ANYWAY. I mean really, he killed Osama, and he pulled an old school Hustle move with his birth certificate lol you have to respect that. But I am looking forward to seeing what happens in 2012. Stay political people.


About TrueSpeech

Hello World My Name is Rydell but you can call TrueSpeech. I am a young opinionated intellectual Imported from Detroit, here to present reality according to me. I love to voice my opinion and intelligently discuss and debate differing views with others whose views I respect. I speak as much Truth as possible and as raw as I can deliver because the truth should never be overcooked. These are my thoughts, this is my opinion.....this is my world. ~WELCOME TO REALITY ~

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