Daily Archives: May 19, 2011


So the all American republican Immigrant now has a smudge on his squeaky clean lifestyle. If you didn’t know, the “THE GOVENATOR” has reportedly father a child out of wedlock, a child that is now 13 years old…Arnold has been married for 25 years??? Since Arnold began his political agenda i always heard him speak about the American dream and how hard he has worked to to be the best man that he could be due to the opportunities that America has offered him. He spoke a lot about being “HONORABLE(Arnold accent)” and doing the right thing…yet he has obviously not been living up to his own perceptions of what doing the right thing really means. It has been reported that Arnold has had several cases of infidelity and foul play during his marriage, but honestly that is between him and his wife and kids. What is crazy about the situation is that he claims to be the ideal immigrant, someone who came to this country with nothing and worked hard his whole life to make something of himself, in which case yes he did that. But being as irresponsible as to father a child out of wedlock, from a maid that works in your house…bad move sir. This just goes to show you that you should never take anything or anyone at face value, and that people are only people at the end of the day.