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This is going to be funny. Everyone please watch the pilot episode of Black Dynamite and support our fellow African American Brothers and sisters in Hollywood as they push their own creative and independent products into the market. We all need to support GOOD, QUALITY, products put out by our brothers and sisters. “WE ALL WE GOT”


This Blog is just a reminder that summer is still here and it’s apparently pissed off at society. It’s been an extreme heat wave here in Michigan and across the country in recent weeks and it does show any signs of easing up going away. Temperatures have been in the mid to high 90’s and in the low 100’s pretty much everyday, with heat reaching well over 100 for the past weeks now. Even though it’s a nice change from the zero below temps and massive rainfall that Michigan is none for, temps this high can be deadly to a lot of people such as; the elderly, the sick, infants and small children, and even our pets. Be sure that you stay in cool insulated areas as much as possible, and always keep in mind that not everyone can take the heat safely. If you have any elderly or sick neighbors, or if you have any children be sure that they stay cool and hydrated during these blazing days of summer. Keep your pets indoors in cool places, and make sure they have lots of cool water available. Keep an eye on children and make sure they put on sun screen and don’t get to much exposure to the sun. Have fun, Be safe, and Enjoy the weather.

Execution in Pakistan

Today a Brutal and Graphic Video was released by the Taliban showing a line of 17 Pakistani police officers who were bounded and shot in a an Execution by Taliban forces. It was reported that these 17 men were indeed Pakistani police officer who were kidnapped around June 1st at a border crossing on the Pakistani border. The reported Gunman have not yet been Identified individually, but have made it clear that they are Taliban, and the Execution of these 17 men was retaliation for and apparent killing of 6 Pakistani children. The Video released shows the victims line up side by side, hands tied behind their back with the gun men standing in front of them shouting and waving AK-47 assault rifles accusing the men of being traitors to Islam. The Video then shows the gun men opening fire on the helpless victims, killing all 17 of these men.

“She was drinking Red Bull”

Today In Buenos Aires, a 30 year old woman jumped from a 23 story building and landing survived. She apparently landing in a sitting position on taxi cab below and survived her 330ft free fall with only a few broken ribs, broken hips, and some moderate internal bleeding and injuries. I really don’t know she did it, I don’t know how she survived, but i do know two things; 1.GOD WAS WITH HER, 2. RED BULL GIVES YOU WINGS.