Daily Archives: July 12, 2011

” It’s not just us that act a fool”

Today in northern Ireland, an annual celebration was held called the “The Twelfth,” a celebration that commemorates the protestant victory over the Catholics in 17th century Ireland. the celebration is usually entails parades. parties, and other non violent festivities…but we are talking about a religious celebration in which two waring religious ideologies are glorifying a violent past for a struggle of power. So needles to say the celebration ended in violence. Irish patrons began feuding and assaulting each other, and even throwing Molotov cocktails into large crowds, all over a celebration, about a war of religious ideals, that took place CENTURIES ago. over 7 Irish police officers were injured, and I don’t have an exact number of Irish who may have been injured during the riots. It’s crazy what people around the world celebrate, and why they celebrate it.