” It’s not just us that act a fool”

Today in northern Ireland, an annual celebration was held called the “The Twelfth,” a celebration that commemorates the protestant victory over the Catholics in 17th century Ireland. the celebration is usually entails parades. parties, and other non violent festivities…but we are talking about a religious celebration in which two waring religious ideologies are glorifying a violent past for a struggle of power. So needles to say the celebration ended in violence. Irish patrons began feuding and assaulting each other, and even throwing Molotov cocktails into large crowds, all over a celebration, about a war of religious ideals, that took place CENTURIES ago. over 7 Irish police officers were injured, and I don’t have an exact number of Irish who may have been injured during the riots. It’s crazy what people around the world celebrate, and why they celebrate it.


About TrueSpeech

Hello World My Name is Rydell but you can call TrueSpeech. I am a young opinionated intellectual Imported from Detroit, here to present reality according to me. I love to voice my opinion and intelligently discuss and debate differing views with others whose views I respect. I speak as much Truth as possible and as raw as I can deliver because the truth should never be overcooked. These are my thoughts, this is my opinion.....this is my world. ~WELCOME TO REALITY ~

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