Daily Archives: July 14, 2011

The Playboy is Still Swinging

Once again a small rumor started on the internet has spiraled out of control and caused a huge disturbance in everyone’s daily lives. on June 11,2011 it was reported that playboy founder and every red blooded American males hero, Hugh Hefner had passed away. The rumors of his death have been exaggerated, and have proved to be nothing more than an internet hoax and the Playboy himself is still very much alive, and very much still kicking.  Hugh Hefner’s twitter account was apparently hacked, and through this hacked page rumors of his death began to formulate and engulf the internet. It was amazes just how fast a small rumor can spread, and how large and outlandish it can morph into, but what never ceases to maze me is how quickly the public flocks to these tall tales and accepts an utter fabrication as pure truth. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!