Daily Archives: July 18, 2011

Execution in Pakistan

Today a Brutal and Graphic Video was released by the Taliban showing a line of 17 Pakistani police officers who were bounded and shot in a an Execution by Taliban forces. It was reported that these 17 men were indeed Pakistani police officer who were kidnapped around June 1st at a border crossing on the Pakistani border. The reported Gunman have not yet been Identified individually, but have made it clear that they are Taliban, and the Execution of these 17 men was retaliation for and apparent killing of 6 Pakistani children. The Video released shows the victims line up side by side, hands tied behind their back with the gun men standing in front of them shouting and waving AK-47 assault rifles accusing the men of being traitors to Islam. The Video then shows the gun men opening fire on the helpless victims, killing all 17 of these men.