Daily Archives: August 9, 2011

“What is going on in London???”



So today in Wisconsin they are having a special recall election to remove 6 Wisconsin Senators from office in a $30 million dollar recall election that could leave all 6 senators jobless. I for one am quite pleased with the initiative and sheer guts that state of Wisconsin is displaying. They realize that the people they voted for and believed in are not living up to their expectations and quite honestly are simply failing at their jobs, and what happens when you royally screw up on your job…YOU GET FIRED!!!!! This goes for any person employed in teh United States so why should elected officials be any different, because  after all, they are chosen by the people to do a job and they are employed by US the tax paying citizens, and if they fail at the job we choose them to do then they GOTTA GO. Good job Wisconsin

“Racism on 6yr old Girl????”

So a few days ago at the AMC 20 IN LIVONIA MI.  6yr Old Saniya and her parents went to go see the new Smurfs movie and enjoy a fun and entertaining family outing…which ended in an racial attack on an innocent child. After the movie ended Saniya and her family were walking to the car when 3 white men in a red pick up drove by Saniya and her family and threw a cup of Soda on the little girls face then drove off calling her and family apes, monkeys, baboons, and screaming ape like noises as they drove off. The attack was unwarranted, undeserved, and obviously racially charged, but to think in 2011 something like this could happen to an innocent 6yr old girl is unreal. When little girl asked her mother why did the men do this er mother simply answered….”why just have to pray for them” So I ask this simple question People…WHY?  IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT  THE LIVONIA POLICE DEPARTMENT. WE CANNOT SIT IDLY BY AND ACCEPT THIS.