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“The 6 most Horrifying lies the food Industry is feeding you”

So I came across a link the other day while I was surfing the web and the title stood out to me the most, so i had to check it out, and what I found was shocking yet absolutely believable.  The article described 6 different secrets that food industry really doesn’t want you to know. I always speak out against the food industry and how corrupt it really is so this article spoke to me directly.  Here is the link to the article and TRUST ME, it is a must read.

” Only in America”

I’m at the crib watching TV and writing some VLOGS and chilling with DJ when my DVR tunes into this show X-Factor. It’s Simon Cowel’s new talent search on FOX. Im not going to explain the clip…BUT IT’S THE FUNNIEST ISH I HAVE EVER SEEN.


Was It a Cheap Shot??

If you didn’t get a chance to see the so called boxing match of the year between undefeated boxing phenom Flyod  “Money” Mayweather and young hungry lion Victor “Vicious” Ortiz. This fight was one of the return of Mayweather after a 15 month lay off from the sport and a chance to propel Ortiz into super stardom…HOWEVER, the fight did not quite end the way anyone would expect. During the 4th round of the fight Ortiz caught Mayweather with what appeared to be an unintentional headbutt resulting in the referee calling a breif stoppage, the two fighters exchanged and embrace and appeared to be preparing to re-engage in the fight, when the two fighters shook gloves, Ortiz kept his Hands down and Flyod and hit him with a left right two-punch combination and knocked Ortiz. Now here is the thing about Boxing..RULE #1 DEFEND YOURSELF AT ALL TIMES. This is the first thing they teach toddlers when they first lace up their boxing gloves. Ortiz kept his Hands down during a boxing match and that is a young rookie mistake. Whether or not you think it was c heap shot, Ortiz should have stayed sharp and on his guard, because at the end of the day things happen at any time, so you always have to be ready. But hey, Judge for yourself a link to a video i found on youtube speaks for itself.

10 Years Later………

10 years ago today I was sitting in 9th grade algebra solving equations and struggling to stay awake when all of a sudden an announcement came across the PA system that called everyone to the Gym. As classrooms emptied into the hallways and students began to ask what was going on, a few of the upper classmen came into the halls and said we just got attacked and we’re going to war. I didn’t understand what they were saying until we finally got into the Gym where they had the news displayed on the TV and is aw the images of what was going on. I was young, confused, and horrified, and I didn’t understand the magnitude of what had happened and how life in America would essentially change forever. 10 years, 4 wars, trillions of dollars, thousands of deaths, and a new way of life later where are we now?  Is the world safer? is America safer? What did all of it really mean? So many questions still unanswered and so many theories regarding  the truth about what really happened and I am still unsure what to believe. But what stands above all else is the loves of all the innocent Americas lives and the sacrifices of the Brave men and women of the New York Police and fire Department, and the men and women of the US armed forces. Regardless of the reasons, these people are gone, and they should be honored above all else.  So on the 10 year anniversary of 9/11,  Just remember all those who are no longer hear, and live your life to the fullest, because everyday that we see a sun rise is truly a blessing from GOD.


“313phresh Takes A DETour”


The editing mind behind the TrueSpeech VLOG Series dropped his latest Project titled DETour, a digital EP with some very real and deep Hip Hop Tracks along with a energetic track depicting the daily grind and hustle of yours truly, yes people I get on  a track and spit a quick 16.  Overall the EP  shows the growth of a young artist who strives to make music with soul and feeling and truly stand out as opposed to the highly commercialized cookie cutter music polluting  our airwaves today. So GO DOWNLOAD THE DETour FOR FREE and support good music.