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“Realationships” Guest Blog From MzIamChocolate

This is a Guest Blog from 1/3 of the Single  Trio Blog Crew Alicia Lynette aka MzIamChocolate. Check out her and the rest of the Blogs from the Single Trio at

First I would like to thank TrueSpeech for inviting me to do a guest post on his site. This has been months in the making but I am finally here. I am Ms. Chocolate Addiction from the SingleTrio. I have been slacking lately over there I know I’ve had a lot on my mind as well as many things on my plate but I am here now and that’s what counts! Some of you may know that many of the posts I develop deal with relationships. I know some of you guys ask “why do you always write about relationships?” Relationships to me are fascinating. Why, you ask? I always have wondered what are the ones outside of platonic friendships and such like. By this point ninety-five percent of you guys are laughing, that’s fine too because I believe at the end of the day I will have the last laugh. Anyways, everyone knows that the first friendships and seeing the adults around you are the foundations for what an intimate/romantic relationship is like. Growing up I had that along with the best friend who still says to this day “if things were different we would be together”, the first major crush and rejection, the next major crush and the guy who showed me my worth over the summer (yes, fellas step your game up). I never came close to having anyone ask me to be their girl in high school or college (I am getting ready to graduate undergrad by the way) but I didn’t come here to write a sad story.

I write about relationships to get things off my chest and to hopefully help someone else. I am always giving someone else advice, end up helping them salvage what they have but I can’t save my own self or help myself. Once again I didn’t come here to write a sad story. I write about how sadly my generation of men have come to want all the bitches, hoes, jumpoffs, bustos, wifey’s, and etc they can handle, have them spread out all across the 48 Continental United States (you know black folks are not going across the water), a wifey in the same city as them, having sex with them all, and yet be on Maury saying the baby ain’t his. Now the same goes for my generation of women. We will have an entire squad ready and “fuckable” if hubby act a fool and will be on Maury testing all twenty-five of them just to find out that none of the men tested is little ray-ray’s daddy. I write about relationships because I want to know what happened to the type of relationships our grandparents had. Now that was true black love. I’m not saying some of the things they endured (infidelity, outside children, abuse, etc) was right but those men and women fault hard and did right by honoring what a relationship/ marriage was.

I write about relationships because I would like to think that I am doing some growing. I’m not the same bitter and judgmental woman I was before. I used to think all a dude wanted was to hit and quit or be a low down cheating bastard (Yes, I love the word bastard that is my guilty pleasure). A few good male acquaintances have showed me otherwise. I used to not believe in my self worth and let what dudes told me about my standards define what I was looking for. All it took was for me to come across someone who didn’t mind uplifting me (thank you very much) and setting me straight so I no longer have these issues. Am I fully over these issues? No, but I’m not where I was and yes, it is hard when you have other people around you that continue to fill your head up with the same bull la la that you are trying to get rid of from your life. I write about relationships to speak to my future companion cause lord knows I am terrible at articulating my true thoughts and feelings, while sober (that was a smile moment). I write about relationships to say although I lack experience, I have the picture and I’m capable of navigating this ship. Most importantly I write about relationships because it’s my therapy.

“Youuuuuuuuuu Crank those Felonies, Youuuuuuuuuuu Crank those Felonies”

so I discovered today that “Deandre Cortez Way” AKA Soulja Boy was arrested in Atlanta this week for illegal possession of marijuana, possession of a firearm, and other illicit substances that were discovered in his Escalade when the authorities conducted a search of the vehicle after pulling him over. Now although his music is that of a child, Deandre is a grown ass man and after seeing so many rappers in the industry get busted, convicted, and jailed for this very same thing I cannot feel sorry for him, he should have known better and been smarter about what he kept in his vehicle, and now another young black male has to go in front of a judge and explain their lack of judgement and terrible decision making. I see now after so many years of rapper, actors, and entertainers getting arrested for the dumbest things that money truly does not make you any smarter,  it just makes you a bigger target……………………………. “YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU”


“R.I.P Steve Jobs”

Today I learned that Apple Co-Founder and modern day visionary Steve Jobs passed away. no word can express the countless contributions that Jobs has made to the world, and him, as well as creative genius will surely be missed.

“Black Love at It’s Finest”



Congratulations to President Barack Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama for Celebrating their 19th wedding Anniversary yesterday. This is Truly a celebration and an example of Black Love at its absolute finest. After all this is the union that keeps the country on track so let’s all take a minute to celebrate a truly beautiful Black Union.

“But they killed Troy Davis???”

Killer spared from death hours before execution

Samuel David Crowe in an undated photo. The parole board in the state of Georgia spared a convicted killer from execution hours before he was due to die by lethal injection on Thursday and commuted his sentence to life in prison. REUTERS/Georgia Department of Corrections/Handout

ATLANTA | Thu May 22, 2008 7:49pm EDT

(Reuters) – The parole board in the state of Georgia spared a convicted killer from execution hours before he was due to die by lethal injection on Thursday and commuted his sentence to life in prison.

The Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles made its decision less than three hours before Samuel David Crowe, 47, was to be executed, according to a spokeswoman for the state’s prisons.

“After careful and exhaustive consideration of the requests, the board voted to grant clemency. The board voted to commute the sentence to life without parole,” the parole board said.

Crowe’s death would have marked the third execution since the U.S. Supreme Court lifted an unofficial moratorium on the death penalty last month.

Crowe was not present at the parole board hearing in Atlanta. He had already eaten his last meal and was preparing to enter the execution chamber at the prison in Jackson, Georgia, Mallie McCord of the Georgia Department of Corrections said.

In March 1988, Crowe killed store manager Joseph Pala during a robbery at the lumber company in Douglas County, west of Atlanta. Crowe, who had previously worked at the store, shot Pala three times with a pistol, beat him with a crowbar and a pot of paint.

Crowe pleaded guilty to armed robbery and murder and was sentenced to death the following year.

“David (Crowe) takes full responsibility for his crime and experiences profound remorse,” according to Georgians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty, an advocacy group, who welcomed the board’s decision.

At Thursday’s hearing, his lawyers presented a dossier of evidence attesting to his remorse and good behavior in jail, according to local media reports. The lawyers also said he was suffering from withdrawal symptoms from a cocaine addiction at the time of the crime.

The U.S. Supreme Court on April 16 rejected a challenge to the three-drug cocktail used in most U.S. executions, which opponents claimed inflicted unnecessary pain. Georgia then conducted an execution on May 5.

Georgia has executed 41 men since the Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1973 and this week it had 109 prisoners on death row.