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“Jordan Concord Riots…WTF”

So On Friday December 23, Nike RE-RELEASED the Nike Air Jordan concord XI over 15 years after their original releases date, and of course as always  black lost their GOTDAMN minds and showed their animal  nature. Yesterday was a very sad day for black people. Not because that they went out and spend their own money on something that they wanted to purchase, but because of the unbelievably low levels that my people sank to over the pursuit of some cheap ass patent leather gym shoes. In several cities across America there were riots, fights, robberies, mace incidents and untold amounts property damage. Right now we are in one of the worst economic downturns in the last 80 years and millions of people are camping outside of malls and shoe stores for countless hours to spend $200 on some gym shoes. Now im not judging what people spend their hard earned money on, it’s the mindset and priorities that I have a problem with. Black people have this “Look at em now” Shiny object syndrome that America has implanted in our minds and we have gravitated towards like moths to eternal money draining flame where the corporations only have to create a false idea of short(limited) supply and people will sell their own child just to have what these companies are selling. It’s sad to say the very least, and unfortunately it will probably  continue. Black people need to wake up and open their eyes to the truth…and let this coon ass behavior die out.  40 years ago Black people use to line up for sit-ins, political rally’s, and civil rights demonstrations….now we line up for Jordans???? GET THE F**k OUTTA HERE.

Below is a link to a Detroit Free Press article about Riots in southland Mall in Michigan cause several thousand dollars worth of Damage…SAD


NEW #TRUESPEECH VLOG Topic: “HO’S” In This I discuss the antics of actual Ho’s these days and the notoriety they receive on the internet due to their behavior. This Unnecessary hype really makes the entire female species, mainly black women, look really bad. ENJOY!!!!

“Kim Jong IL is Dead?….F**K EM”

So a few days ago, North Korean Dictator and all around asshole Kim Jon IL died from complications from cancer.  Apparently Kim had been battling cancer for the last few years and had been shying from some major events due to his failing health. Although I do not take joy in anyone’s death, THIS GUY WAS A DICK and I can honestly say  it was probably his time to go. He was a vicious and ruthless dictator who committed genocide against his own people and did absolutely nothing to help the horrendous subhuman conditions and let them suffer while ruled with an iron fist in the lap of luxury. It’s not our place to judge anyone in this world but let’s be real…to hell with this guy and what he stood for. Below is a link to the associated press report and video on the life and death of Kim Jong Il.

“Bianca Jones”

So after weeks of searching on the behalf of the Detroit Police Department and thousand of Volunteers, the search for 2 year old Bianca Jones was called off when Detroit Police brought in Cadaver dogs and the dogs were able to pick up a scent. I could run through all the facts and details about the case but to be quite honest, none of that matters. What matters the most about this case is the fact that a 2 year old girl is still missing and there are no leads to finding her. It baffles me that this world can be so cruel and evil to an innocent baby who does not have the capacity to harm another human being. The police have officially issued a search warrant in this case and I pray that some positive news develops. We all need to band together and pray for babygirl.  Below is a link to a Detroit Free Press Article with more detailed and updated information.

“TrueSpeech VLOG: Facebook”

WARNING!!!! This Video is the Reckless Truth and it 1000% Offend more than a few people…..BUT SO WHAT it’s #TrueSpeech
in This video I discuss some of the major issues wrong with facebook users and the types of things they post about on facebook.