“Jay-Z and Beyonce have a baby”

So over the weekend Jay-Z and Beyonce gave birth to a baby girl that they named Blue Ivey carter. The proud parents actually pad 1.3 million dollars to have the entire intensive care maternity unit floor rented out and outfitted for the special delivery of their baby girl.  Reportedly Jay-z paid extra to have the delivery room completely redesigned and outfitted with bullet proof glass, additional security space, and special blinds that blocked potential snap shots from paparazzi and crazed fans. Patients who were delivering babies on the same floor had to be relocated for the duration of Beyonce delivery and were very agitated and inconvenienced due to all the additional security measures that were put in place and several patients stated that they were unhappy because of the unfair treatment they received.  Personalty I am happy anyone who is blessed enough to bring new life into the world in a loving environment so I would like to send my best wishes not only Jay and Bey, but to all new parents who delivered new life into the world recently. And as far as Jay and the Million Dollar price tag to deliver a baby in seclusion…well he felt he did what he had to do for his family, AND it’s his money lol. In other news he Jay recorded a song to commerate the birth of his baby girl, so below is a link to the song so you can take a listen……” LIL ROC NATION”

Jay-Z: Glory- http://youtu.be/0rhFywKCUTo

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Hello World My Name is Rydell but you can call TrueSpeech. I am a young opinionated intellectual Imported from Detroit, here to present reality according to me. I love to voice my opinion and intelligently discuss and debate differing views with others whose views I respect. I speak as much Truth as possible and as raw as I can deliver because the truth should never be overcooked. These are my thoughts, this is my opinion.....this is my world. ~WELCOME TO REALITY ~

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  1. Honestly I think that’s some bull shit just because they got money don’t mean there god. They should t get treated any different.

    • I 100% agree with you. Sometimes we hold celebrities on such high pedestals that we forget htat regular people just like us. To me i would have been HEATED if they kept me from seeing my new born because Beyonce was having her baby??? I would have raised some hell

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