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“Can I get a 10 piece with a blowjob please??”

News stories like this one is jut another reason why I write BLOGS and do VLOGS.  A few days ago a Los Angeles woman by the name of Khadijah Baseer was in arrested for apparently offering “sexual favors”  at a local McDonalds restaurant in exchange for chicken McNuggets. It is unclear whether or not she was negotiating for a 10 or 20 piece (hopefully at least a 20 piece and some fries) but what is clear is that she REALLY loves chicken Mcnuggets. The woman was caught when she went up to a customer car in the McDonalds drive thru and offered a gentle a sexual favor for an order of   that of  “McNuggets Lovin” when he reported her to the authorities. No word has been given on whether or not the woman was a drug addict(crackhead) or if she was just really, really hungry, but what we do know is…..well hell I don’t even know. Below is a video of a racist ass McDonalds commercial that I’ve always hated and has always bothered the hell out of me, but for some reason I feel that it would fit perfectly with this story right now lol

“Damn Kobe, $150,000,000 dollar divorce?”

Ok…this divorce thing is getting WAAAYYYYY out of hand. After 10 years of marriage (WITHOUT A PRE NUP) Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa have announced they are filing for divorce. Now normally I would not even take the time  to blog about something like this, BUT..KOBE BRYANT COULD STAND TO LOOSE UP TO $150,000,00 DOLLARS in the the divorce settlement. I mean seriously $150,000,000 DOLLARS is just unreal. Now in the past there have been many huge divorce settlements in the past but now this all getting to be ridiculous. 1st. This lady does need half of Kobe’s total net worth that it took him a lifetime of hard work, dedication, pain, and untold sacrifice to obtain. Kobe has been playing professional basketball for 16 years and has been injured countless times and has literally given his blood, sweat, and tears to the game which begs me top pose the question, WHAT THE HELL HAS SHE DONE? Now Im not praising Kobe like he is a great guy, because im sure he has his problems, after all they are mainly filing for divorce due to Kobe’s infidelity, but Vanessa’s life is in NO WAY, shape, or form difficult and worth half of Kobe’s life work. Now California State law does sate that married couples share half of all marital assets when a prenuptial agreement is not in place before a marriage. Now you could pose the argument, ” Oh she took care of the house, Raised the kids, cooking, cleaning, etc” and you would be wrong. Kobe im 1000% sure had maids, chef’s and nanny’s, so hard was Vanessa’s life really??? Look i say give her a few million so she could live comfortably for the rest of her life, and take care of her children, but half of this man’s entire net worth and life’s work? That’s crazy. Where is the justice people? so to end’s thing in the words of my man drake..” Bi**c you wasn’t with me shooting in the gym”

“Common and Drake…Beefing???”

So Common and Drake firing SHOTS at each other now?? LMMFAO first and foremost this is probably one of the most ridiculous and random beefs I have ever seen. I mean fa real these two dudes are not even in the same genre of music if you ask me. Common makes that real classic Hip Hop and Drake mixes his music with a pop soul blend, but I say that to say this….WHY ARE DRAKE AND COMMON BEEFING allegedly Drake took a subliminal shots at common and his “wife” on Rick Ross’s mixtape joint  “Stay Scheming.” COMMON went straight to wax and fired back VICIOUSLY and BLATANTLY by not only firing HEAT but even calling drake by name and speaking to him directly. Mad respect to common for going against the  traditional “Rap Beef”  and actually speaking another man’s name directly on a record. Many people are asking why is Common of all people involved in a rap beef??? Let me take you back to the 90’s when common wnet head to head with ICE CUBE and held his own, toe to toe, with the Westside G himself. Im not 100% what started this beef but i do know Common is a LEGEND and Drake is a LEGEND-in the making, and although I don’t encourage this type of shit I have to admit that talent level between these two MC’s is unreal, and i can’t wait to see what happens next. NO VIOLENCE though PLEASE fellas, let’s just stick to trading Lyrical bombs on wax and keep the real bombs tucked away. Below are two links to the the original “Stay Scheming” with Ross and Drake…and Common’s Remix version. You be the Judge and let me know what you think.

Original Stay Scheming:

Common Remix Diss:

” Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao”


FINALLY AFTER  YEARS OF SPECULATING, TRASH TALKING, ACCUSATIONS, VERBAL JABS, INTERNET BEEF, CHEAP INSULTS, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY FANS AGONIZINGLY AND PAINSTAKING WAITING AND BIDING OUR TIME……IT’S GOING DOWN!!!! ……MAYBE??? Lol but seriously th0ough a few days ago Floyd “Money” Mayweather called out Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao via twitter stating that “it was time to give the people what they want and make it happen”  and Pacquiao  gladly accepted the challenge. The Date has been set for May 5th and both fighters seem to really be serious about giving us all what we have wanted for so many years now, and give the world the FIGHT OF A LIFETIME. Now of course May 5th is along away and a lot can happen between now and then and we have been set up for this EXACT same situation before in the past and it fell through and left all of us clamoring around a  TV to watch both of these fighters pummel different opponents. As a fight FANATIC, I pray that this fight comes to fruition & we finally get to see the fight that we have all been dreaming of. Now there are a few things that still need to ironed out, but as of right now things seem to be a go. So let’s all pray that come May 5th, we are at a fight party cheering on these two fighters to give us the show of a lifetime.

“Amber Alert & Shooting in Detroit”

Today on Detroit’s east side, 19-year old father Jeremy Phillips  abducted his 4-month old baby girl after shooting a relative in her home for trying to stop Phillips from taking the child. Police are currently investigating the situation and an Amber Alert has been issued 4-month old A’mia Nevaeh Phillips and a search for Jeremy Phillips has been issued.  Jeremy was last seen in a Deep Blue Cherokee on Lakepoint street on Detroit’s Eastside. If you have any information then please come forward to the proper authorities so thta we can help bring this baby girl home.  Below is a link to a article form WDIV news with more information.