Monthly Archives: April 2012

“Derrick Rose Done for the season”

Superstar point guard Derrick Rose has suffered a reported torn ACL injury during a playoff game Saturday against the 76ers. Derrrick Rose is unfortunately for the rest of year which is a huge blow to the Chicago Bulls and will undoubtedly have an unparalleled impact on the rest of the playoff series between the two teams and on the championship hopes of the Chicago Bulls. Below is link to an ESPN article describing the incident in greater detail.

“Brian McKnight Responds to the Criticism”

This is an interview from Legendary artist Brian McKnight responding to all of the criticism that he has received for his song “Show you How your pussy works” An Amazing and Real interview so everyone should check it out.

“Calvin Johnson gets 2013 Madden Cover”

CONGRATULATIONS are definitely in order for Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson who has been named to the 2013 Madden NFL Cover. Calvin Johnson aka MEGATRON was one of the leagues leading receivers last season and has also been called one of the leagues most impactiful receivers and play makers. As LIONS FAN, Im ecstatic and as a MEGATRON FANATIC….IM ECSTATIC. So Be on the look out for Madden 2013 with CJ on the cover and be sure to tune in to the 2013 NFL season this year…mainly just watch the LIONS!!!!

“Knowledge is Power” @myTrueSpeech @CherryLetters @Talk2Q

April 18th 2012, Myself along with the lovely Mylauney Billups also Known as Cherry Letters were guest hosting on the Talk 2 Q Radio show entitled  Knowledge is power. We discussed a multitude of issues such as the recent Detroit high school student protest, women confronting other women over their cheating man, promoting community awareness and more! The podcast has over 250 downloads in one week’s and is still growing so If you have not had an opportunity to check out this amazing podcast then please click on the link below and tune in. And if you enjoyed this show then be sure to be on the lookout for the return of Cherry Letters and TrueSpeech in May, where Q has asked us to come back on the show and continue the wonderful message of “Knowledge is Power”  DOWNLOAD PODCAST BELOW.

“Briank McKnight shows ladies how thier Puss*** Works???”

I really have no idea what to say about this video lol I mean Brian McKnight get’s very raw and real on this “song” if this is even a real song or a mixtape project. It was kind of weird hearing the wholesome B McKnight sing about squirting and skeeting but hell we are all adults here people and let’s be honest…Better Sex=Happier Planet. So I say let em know them how that thang works.