Daily Archives: April 9, 2012

“The Big Dick Skit…Funny with host of truth”

Another classically hilarious skit from the guys over at Dormtainment. This skit is hilarious but it does raise a lot of questions about society and our never ending quest for physical perfection and the lengths at which we will go to look and feel good about ourselves.

“Trayvon, A Nigger…REALLY?”

This is a picture taken from a cell phone in Allen Park MI. Apparently the story goes that someone managed to hack the city’s traffic computer system and posted this message early this morning. To he honest I really don’t have to many words to describe how disgusted I am that someone would bother going to such great lengths just show how truly ignorant and misguided they truly are. People now more than ever we need to bring justice to not only Tryavon Martin, but to any and all hate crimes and racial tragedies so that we can truly move forward as one nation under GOD.