Monthly Archives: May 2012

“Shut The Hell Up- New #TrueSpeech Discussion VLOG”

In This video I discuss the power of communication and how far to many people are to busy talking to actually effectively communicate with one another.



“New Video Stick Em- @clearsoulforces”

This is the latest video from my Brother’s ClearSoulForces titled  “Stick Em”  This is the second single off of the Group’s Debut album Detroit #REVOLUTIONS and another definite Banger. All of my people especially my Michigan need to to support these brother’s because they are surely on the rise. #TrueSpeech Approved.  Here is a link where you can download the Album and support Great #HIPHOP


This is the official teaser trailer for the all new James Bond Movie coming out this fall entitled “SkyFall” It has been a few years since we last saw the graceful and debonaire Mr. Bond grace the big screen and to me it’s long overdue. I have been a James Bond fan since birth and have been an avid enthusiast and film watcher dating back to the original James Bond “Dr.No” with the first actor to portray England’s greatest spy, Sean Connery. Check out the trailer and be sure to catch “Sky Fall” in theaters this year. I CANNOT WAIT!!! They cal me ” Speech…TrueSpeech”

“Benefits of Masturbation via @JerryLaVigneJr “

Another great video from the big homie Jerry Levinge Jr where he discusses the benefits of masturbation and how positive it truly can be to your health.

“Think like a man”

A new video from the big homie Kain Carter for once again bringing the heat and the truth about how these women out here need to stop this whole think like a man bullsh**. Great video so check it out.