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“Who are you voting for?” -TRUESPEECH VLOG #14 –


The 2012 Election is right around the corner and pretty soon you will be faced with a choice. In this video i ask 1 simple question….Who are you voting for…and Why? I know those are technically two questions but it’s all the same idea…so it’s one question…HA!!!

R.I.P Emanuel Steward

Today, World renowned legendary boxing trainer Emanuel Steward, passed away at the age of 68. Steward was admitted to the hospital a few weeks ago for a stomach issue which later caused some serious complications ultimately leading to him passing away.  Emanuel Steward has trained some of the biggest names to ever grace the sport of boxing, and Steward out his world renowned Kronk Gym in Detroit, MI, has produced some of the most successful boxing champions of all time.  Steward first moved to Detroit at 12 years old and began boxing shortly after. At age 18 he became a bantamweight golden gloves champion. Later Steward became a partner in Kronk recreation center and began his training legacy. some of the more notable names that Steward has trained over the years include, Tommy Hearns, Evander Hollyfield, Lennox Lewis, Oscar De La Hoya, and a host of other champions. Steward will forever be missed as a legendary staple and fixture in the boxing community not around the world, but here in his home in Detroit as well. Below is an article that goes into further detail behind Stewards life and his accomplishments.

“I’m That Ni**A” Live News Report Crash

This is a video of a young man that to me has literally made the most ignorant, yet funny cameo in a television news broadcast I have seen in recent years. This is a video that you honestly must see for yourself and cast your own opinion. After you view this video you must PLEASE leave a comment with your thoughts and feelings.

Felix Baumgartner’s 23 mile free fall…Breaks 3 world records

This is the video of Daredevil Felix Baumgartner who set 3 world records today by free failing from a height of 23 miles, over 121,440 feet and  broke the sound barrier with his very own body. This is truly a remarkable example of what we are capable of as human beings if we simply grab the reigns of life and go for it all. This should be a fitting example to anyone who needs motivation to get up and try something.  Below is an article with all of the technical facts and information regarding this amazing jump.

Bus Driver give girl UPPERCUT!!!

So by now we have all seen the infamous video of the Cleavland bus driver who gave a 25 year old woman the most absolutely vicious uppercut of the century. Here is my take on the video of the bus driven Giving that Girl the Robin Givens Special:

1. I don’t feel sorry her at all because someone should have taught her dumbass some respect.


3. I personally would not have broke her face like that but she had it coming. A teenager speaking like that to a grown ass man AND PUTTING her hands on him….THAT’S NOT ACCEPTABLE.

I don’t have sympathy for people who provoke or instigate physical altercations or situations and are not grown enough to deal with them. She should have sat her ass down and shut da fuk up. You can’t slap a pit bull in the nose & then start crying when he bite you???….SHE KNEW WHAT SHE WAS DOING. Now would I have hit her like that..ABSOLUTELY NOT…But would she have gotten fuked up in some way…ABSOLUTELY YES. so yeah…she had it coming.