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“Detroit Police Chief Sex Scandal” – New #TrueSpeech VLOG

Blog 1: https://truespeech.wordpress.com/2012/10/05/police-chief-suspended-over-psycho…

Blog 2: https://truespeech.wordpress.com/2012/10/06/police-chief-ralph-godbee-side-pie…

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This is my latest VLOG about Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee and the sex scandal that has rocked the entire city of Detroit to it’s very core. The VLOG also talks about how psychotic the women are that Godbee has been caught fooling around with. A TRUE MUST WATCH!!!

J.R. Bang Interviews CNN/TVone Corespondent & Author Roland S. Martin

Very great and insightful interview. Roland Martin Always brings the hard hitting truth.

Educated Insanity

Yesterday I had the opportunity to guest host the Sam Sylk Show on SamSylk.com, JJ Solomon Radio and WindyCityUnderGround.com (yea pretty much nationwide) and interviewed CNN/TVone Corespondent & Author Roland S. Martin. Mr. Martin talked about the importance of registering to vote, myths about voting, The Presidential Debate, Lupe Fiasco and his love for the Houston Texans.

Check out the interview below!


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