American Civil War…….2012!!!

So a very good friend of mine called me today with some news that was absurdly unbelievable to say the least. My friend told me that he came across an article that detailed a series of petitions  circulating through several states in the U.S where people are actually trying to have their sates secede  from the continental United States.  Now even though in this day and age this a sheer impossibility and will most likely never happen, these petitions have still been signed by ten’s of thousands of people. For example in the State of Louisiana where the idea orientated, there have been over 13,500 signatures, and in Texas there is currently over 19,000 signatures.  In total there are currently 19 different states with these same types of petitions floating around that are actually gaining steam and headway as far as notoriety and support.

Now to put things back in perspective, a peaceful secession form the union granted by the Oabama administration is NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN now how many signatures these petitions have. However it begs the questions as to what could possibly be so wrong with this country that so many thousands of people are willing to spend the mental and physical energy into such a ludicrous idea that they actually feel so strongly about that they convince tens of thousands of other people to do get behind the same idea? Are things that bad in America where 19,000 Texans actually want to secede the union in 2012? If this is any indication of where this country is headed then I am truly vexed, ashamed, and appalled.  I am going to follow this particular story very closely to see how it develops and I will keep everyone updated as much as possible. I have seen quite a few things in my lifetime but I have never seen or heard of anything like this.  Below is an article on info wars with more information and a complete list of all 19 states involved and the number of signatures each state’s petition has so far.

1. Louisiana, 13,426

2. Texas, 18,012

3. Florida, 4,987

4. Alabama, 5,156

5. North Carolina, 4,623

6. Kentucky, 3,929

7. Mississippi, 3,849;

8. Indiana, 3,876;

9. North Dakota, 2,998

10. Montana, 3,378

11. Colorado, 3,746

12. Oregon, 3,230

13. New Jersey, 2,960

14. New York, 3,425

15. South Carolina, 3,193, 2,087

16. Arkansas, 1,537

17. Georgia, 3,912, 2,604

18. Missouri, 2,085, 2,781

19. Tennessee 3,656

20. Michigan 3,230

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Hello World My Name is Rydell but you can call TrueSpeech. I am a young opinionated intellectual Imported from Detroit, here to present reality according to me. I love to voice my opinion and intelligently discuss and debate differing views with others whose views I respect. I speak as much Truth as possible and as raw as I can deliver because the truth should never be overcooked. These are my thoughts, this is my opinion.....this is my world. ~WELCOME TO REALITY ~

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  1. I wonder if the people that signed the petition ever read a history book..

  2. Brian Southworth

    Sad that losers in a political election would go to such an extreme. What I’d like to know is; would this scenario be played out if Romney had won? Somehow i doubt it. As a libertarian myself, I’m not happy with the fed myself, however, I do believe in changing the system from within and not throwing a temper tantrum and threatening succession. It sound like a bunch of childish Americans that don’t know how to take a loss. What example does this set for our children and to the rest of the world? Obama won, get over it. My guy didn’t win either and in my opinion, after the treatment and the vote on the floor at the RNC concerning Ron Paul, they deserved to lose. It’s called karma babies!

    • THANK YOU!!! I agree to the fullest. We as Americans need to grow up and stop acting like children. I personally despised Bush but I didn’t let him being president dictate how I chose to live my life on daily basis., I accepted as a man and moved on with my life. People today are just soft & need to grow the hell up.

  3. Rydell….. I stumbled across your blog….1)Perhaps before you declare yourself an intellectual you should take some spelling and grammar classes. 2) If you had a little more knowledge of the situation, you would realize that these petitions are purely symbolic. People are fed up with the lies and corruption of the current administration. I can assure you that any succession of any state in this union will not be peaceful….although that scenario is much more likely than you would care to imagine. As you mentioned the amount of people who signed these petitions are great but not shocking at all. There are many who still believe in a free republic in which the Government cannot trample the rights of the individual….You know ? “We the people, for the people” …We are quickly becoming a society of takers who abuse the system. There is nothing wrong with charity …but when almost 50% of our people are on some form of Government assistance ….We have a real problem on our hands. I hope I did not offend you ….but I get a little declare themselves this or that ….especially when they do not do their homework. I be very interested in your response …but please use spell check …that’s what it is there for.

    • Lol this is a truly entertaining comment and I’m not sure where to start so I am just going to go in lol

      1. I am indeed a highly intelligent man and I have spent the whole of my existence in the search for knowledge and mental progression so who the hell are you to try and tell me otherwise. I was offended by your blatantly disrespectful comments, but to be honest I could give a shit less about what you think I just wanted to get that off my chest.

      2. I do research on everything I post & in my haste to post this information I did not properly check some things so that is my fault. HOWEVER, I post these blogs from an informative standpoint where I also give my personal opinion on the subject seeing as how it is…MY BLOG. So when you read a particular sentence and it follows a more conversational format rather than a traditional format that is simply me taking the time and putting in the effort to talk directly to the reader in an engaging manner.

      3. I am WELL AWARE that a successful succession from the Union is IMPOSSIBLE, and the entire point of all of the petitions is pure symbolism. The point of the blog is to inform people that these petitions exist & to give my take on what I feel this symbolic gesture signifies about the mind state of the American people and where we are as a nation. Any idiot can obviously see that 19 states are not going to succeed and start a civil war.

      4. So let’s cut the shit & be real. The people who signed this petition don;t want t black democrat for president. If this was not the case then where were these symbolic succession petitions when the Bush RAN THIS ENTIRE ECONOMY INTO THE GROUND AND STARTED TWO WARS THAT HAVE LASTED FOR OVER A DECADE COSTING THOUSANDS OF AMERICAN LIVES??? But now people are all of a sudden up? well personalty I have been fed up with this country and the government and I am INTELLIGENT enough to know that neither Obama or the next man can truly fixed how terrible our leaders treat this country and it’s people. So my rebuttal to people now being fed up with the government is to simply call your answer & their reasoning exactly what it is…BULLSHIT.

      5. Medicare, Government loans for students, assistance for single mothers, unemployment assistance, and countless programs that are VITAL to simply survive in this country are all Government assisted programs. So if you comment about the subject was a jab simply at welfare then you missed the mark with that one. But I agree that we are becoming a nation of takers and we need to put a stop to people who truly abuse the system, but unfortunately we live a country who has built itself of abusing other nations as well as it’s own people. I don’t mind anyone posting comments on my website….but DO NOT disrespect me or speak to me as if I anything less than I portray myself to be. I do my research & I do my homework .

  4. I was wondering if it is required that those who sign the petion be a resident. For i do not think that someone with a Florida address should be considered a legal petitioner for ND or OR.

  5. You are an idiot…….

    Cant spell, horrible grammar, and don’t know the Civil War was about succession from the Union.

    • IT WAS???…..All this time I thought it was about a fried chicken recipe. Thank You so much for letting me know because without you I never would have figured that out. Seriously though man come down off of that high horse you’re riding. You sir are not the internet police & will not tolerate disrespect through a keyboard from wherever the hell you are. So Game Over and Thank You for playing. Have A nice Day!!! Btw in your earlier post about how terribly I butchered the English language you missed a few words from your rant and had a misspelling or two. One would be drawn to the conclusion that you may not be an intellectual sir. But you can always use spell check because that is what It’s for after all.

  6. To make things clear, I support the preservation of the union. That is what Lincoln would have wanted. Now as to the question why this is going on. First to give you an idea as to my own experiences; Dec. 25th 1971 I’m born to 2 addicts. from the day I am able to talk, the “system” wants to commit me, as I could speak well, and I, after the second test could give answers before there asked. 3 years old: I was placed in the Allan House for troubled children, by the “system”, for they hounded my mother to do so. (my father was abusive and had abandoned us)
    1 month later, my uncle Ronny shows up, (illegally, I might ad, but the “system” allowed him anyway.) Tries go molest me, even threatening to tell people that I’m crazy, but I screamed as loud as I could and they, after a long talk with the pervert, made him leave. Soon, the staff referred to me as their “little psycho”, not knowing the meaning I asked. I was informed it meant I was crazy and she then hits me and tells me that my uncle told them everything, then scolds me saying that I should have known better than to think I could hide the truth. It was then I knew I should cease talking with them and to avoid them when I could.
    5 years old: I’m almost adopted, but it didn’t work out, the school was accusing me of hurting the other kids. (I was actually usually by myself and the other kids would provocatively hit me, however I never hit back, but instead I turned and ignored them.) 6 years old, I’m placed in a normal state ran foster home, where i was finally adopted at the age of 8. I thought my troubles were over. Apparently a social worker named Joyce (with CPS) had informed my parents, and I quote: The boy you adopted is a retard. he will always be a retard, and you should never expect him to accomplish anything. (those were the exact words.) My new parents began to realize that I was able to learn though, because they started educating me. In 4 months I was reading at a college level. My first experience on the bus to my new school was not a good one. I had turned to the girl sitting by me and just commented on how quiet was. Immediately, she smiles, thrusts up her hand and the driver with an angered look, calls her name. The girl then, bobbing her head left to right shouts “Williams’ talking!” The driver pulls the bus over, and was really going to write me up! I finally arrived at school and I was, while I was in my class, immediately called to the principles office where Joyce (remember her?) from CPS was waiting. Apparently I had to be tested. Joyce appeared to have a chip on her shoulder, as I asked her “where are the other kids to test?” in a pleasant manner. Joyce replied with (in an angered tone) “It’s just you, stupid retard!” I quietly finished my testing, and making sure not to make any eye contact, (it only provokes them) I handed her my answer sheets. I turned to the principle, and inquired: “May I go to my homeroom?” “Yes you may” the principle replied. I said “It’s a pleasure meeting you principle” And I ran away from Joyce as fast as I could and prayed I’d never see her again. My parents got the test results, that’s how I know I was at a college level in literacy. I was reading an encyclopedia (at 8 years old) in my room when they told me. Since then I was blacklisted by the state ran school I was attending, abused physically and verbally by students and teachers and even held back one year in 1st grade. The abuse of process continued until I was 18 when a cousin of mine had work as a subcontractor for Warner Cable. I quit school, and their abuse and took the job with my cousin. 25 years old: I was working at meijer at that point, when I met my soul-mate. We were married and I could never be happier, to this day I believe it was the best decision of my life. Through our 12.5 years of marriage we had to endure many things, 7.5 years of on and off homelessness, all of it caused by people abusing the system, a system that caters to the corrupt but would violate our constitutional rights and repetitively refuse to enforce the law. We have witnessed government officials, state, local and federal actually aid and abet in felonies and cover up the crimes committed against us. At one point, a marijuana addict had stolen all of our possessions, including our van. The sheriff of that county, I found out was buddies with the addict, and would not enforce the law, however the sheriff did threaten to trump up charges against us and we would never be seen again. I attempted to report it to the feds, but don’t you know? According to the feds, Grand theft auto and falsifying a title is a LEGAL and lucrative business! The stress from 30 different actions like I described above was taking it’s tole on us, and it causing us to be ill. Both of us filed for disability, although I didn’t want to. Here we go again, OJFS claims, I’m sorry, medicaid was discontinued 1 year ago. We went 3 years, no health care, but with the “system” also treating us as if it should be so easy to get on disability and blaming us for that. We filed for social security, our lawyer called welfare, and the same lady that claims: “I’m sorry, medicaid was discontinued 1 year ago.” magically becomes compliant, and claims to my lawyer: “I never told them that” after the conversation ended she called me back, agitated that I had a lawyer. It was to late, my wife was losing her vision. Further steadies found that the decades of stress had caused her brain to shrink. 2 months later she died twice, from the stress caused by the “system”. Fortunately, the physicians could revive her, and she had not lost her will to survive. I swore, never again. So I’ve been making public everything we went through, until the people that caused it are exposed for the criminals they really are.
    Now, considering every aspect of our lives were HARRASED with criminals and officials who aid them and even KILLED one of us, what are the odds the millions of others have suffered the same way, but maybe some permanently lost a significant other. That’s a lot of p!$$3@ off people, and they are not as civilized as I. What does history dictate people, victimized by other usually do? They fight back, of coarse. Would you allow yourselves to be victimized by criminals and instead of protection you get ridiculed by the “system” for trying to do the right thing for your entire life? I don’t believe in this case violence is the answer, I also believe the feds had this coming. All they had to do is listen to the people who voted them in, but instead they catered to the rich and corrupt ( I use rich and corrupt together because many rich people are not corrupt) that donated to their campaigns. The people should have instead, voted for people whom will work for the people and not the corrupt, and the open rebellion is the result. As for my family? We may move to Iceland, where there is no trace of the criminal elite.

  7. By the way, God bless you for researching the reasons, I admire you for that, and yes, you seem highly intellectual to me.

  8. guy 6 secretly wants control so he suggests to guy 4 and guy 5 to use GUY 3 “the reasonable one” to reason with Guy 1 and Guy 2 on somewhat of an elaborated moral ground to be more generous with their wealth. Guy 1 and Guy 2 go along with it for a while but guy 4 and guy 5 become leaches. Soon both sides hate GUY 3 and eventually take matters into their own hands. Guy 6 takes GUY 3 under his wing while guy 1 kills guy 4 and is then killed in revenge by guy 5. Guy 6 sides with guy 5 who did not strike first and takes out guy 2. GUY 3 is loyal to Guy 6 for his friendship in rough times and makes GUY 6 number one who uses guy 5 and guy3 to do his bidding… That my friend is an example of divide and conquer we reap what we sow 1 and 2 were generous 4 and 5 got greedy 1 and 2 said enough was enough planted the seed of revenge and both sides got what was coming to them as for 3 well who ever said the devil hates a coward was a fool. He may not associate much with cowards but they suit his needs.

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