Sandy Hook Shooting….Possible Hoax???


A friend of mine sent me this video a little while ago & I finally got a chance to sit down and watch the short film in it’s entirety. This is basically a video of compiled research disputing many of the facts that the media has perpetuated and reported about the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting.  This video has honestly open my eyes to quite a few inconsistencies with the way things have been reported, and the behavior of some of the parents of the victims. Now personally I have NEVER been one to take the reports of the Mass Media at face value and so unwittingly believe what is reported, but due to the horrific nature of the crimes reported I was so engulfed with emotion & personal feelings that I blindly accepted what was told to me. Now I am not saying that I agree or disagree with this video, or the media reports but this video has opened my eyes to tons of issues that I was not previously aware of. My advice to anyone who watches this video is to look at with an open mind and do some research for yourself, because in this day in age you cannot put anything past the Government nor media, and you certainly cannot believe EVERYTHING that is being told you.

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Hello World My Name is Rydell but you can call TrueSpeech. I am a young opinionated intellectual Imported from Detroit, here to present reality according to me. I love to voice my opinion and intelligently discuss and debate differing views with others whose views I respect. I speak as much Truth as possible and as raw as I can deliver because the truth should never be overcooked. These are my thoughts, this is my opinion.....this is my world. ~WELCOME TO REALITY ~

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  1. SANDY HOOK — THE NEW 9/11
    “They” want you disarmed.

    WHO IS “THEY”?
    “They” are the “Powers that Be”. They want to remain in power.

    “They” are the group represented by the gun grabbers.

    How many US Senators hold a foreign passport and have SWORN AN OATH OF ALLEGIANCE to a FOREIGN NATION? Which foreign nation?

    Senator GunGrabber is a Foreign National. Can you guess what country she is a citizen of? The Mayors of both New York and Chicago are also Foreign Nationals. Can you guess what country they are citizens of? Most of the (s)elected officials who seek to disarm America are also either actual passport holding citizens of that foreign nation or are “eligible” for citizenship in that nation.” Which foreign nation?


    Do people hate them – or do they hate what they do? Can you separate the two?


    They operate a world-wide money creation fraud. That’s the main thing that they do.

    The money fraud is very simple.


    Money is a means of exchanging the “value” of products and services. Money itself has no value – unless you use something valuable as money. For example, you could use useful objects such as automobiles as money. In such as case, you might say to someone, “Hey, if you build an addition onto my house – I will give you this automobile.”

    Literally anything can be used as money.

    J** MONEY

    J** money is different. J** money is not merely a means of exchanging the “value” of products and services. It is a method of thievery.

    In the above example, an automobile is being used as money in a transaction involving building an addition onto a house. So how about if initially the homeowner who is offering the automobile as money shows the carpenter a brand new car and promises it in trade for the carpentry work.

    Let’s say that once the carpentry work is completed, the homeowner delivers that same car to the builder but minus an engine, minus a transmission, minus wheels, minus tires, and minus an interior….and then says, “here is the car”. “I paid you a car”. “Now get out of here”. What do you think of that?

    J** money works like that. Jew money is a swindle.


    Your dollar is jew money. Think of your dollar as your “cup of value”. The j** can change the size of your cup of value at will by employing several different methods. These methods constitute theft.

    Please wake your friends and family up to this swindle. This is what powers the j**s ability to damage you.

    You can stop them. But first, you need to understand what they are doing and how they are doing it.

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