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“Jay-Z & Beyonce Baby Pictures”

Ok so im not one to post anything like this because to be honest people we are talking about a baby here and people are loosing their minds over this whole ordeal and I am truly at a loss for words about the behavior. BUT since this what the people want to see here are some photos of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s first child so Much love, respect and congratulations to Jay and Bey for the birth of their first child and I wish all praises and blessings to the proud parents.

“Who Defines Black Women?”

As Black History Month approaches the Big Homie Dsoul, CEO of Family Grind Entertainment, sent me this great article about who defines black women today and where they get their identities from in today’s society. The article also goes on to discuss the modern role models that our young black women have to look up to and how the images and concepts that these women portray have an effect on the black youth in America. I find that this article and article like it are vitally important because it sheds a light on the reality of how the media and main stream America portrays black women and how so many positive black women are overlooked and overshadowed due to overtly raunchy and sex crazed entertainers that are praised with admiration and reverence. It’s a sad reality but a true sate of where we are as people, where talent is clouded with ass shaking and songs about giving dome. In 2012 it is now more important than ever to pay attention to how we are portrayed, because the further along time goes, the further detached we become from our history and who we are as a people. Below is a link to the Article iin full where you can read and judge for yourself.

” RIP Etta James”

Today singer Etta James lost her battle with Leukemia, and died from complications of the disease. Etta James is best known for her rendition of the song ” At Last”  which earned her critical acclaim in years past, and was the lead song for the movie Cadillac records in which Beyonce Knowles played the role of a young Etta James. Etta James will forever be remembered for making strides in black entertainment when we as people were still being discriminated against and treated unfairly.  Below is a link to an ABC news article that list all of her lifetime accomplishments and acclaim. May the Late Great Etta James Rest Peacefully.

“Jay-Z and Beyonce have a baby”

So over the weekend Jay-Z and Beyonce gave birth to a baby girl that they named Blue Ivey carter. The proud parents actually pad 1.3 million dollars to have the entire intensive care maternity unit floor rented out and outfitted for the special delivery of their baby girl.  Reportedly Jay-z paid extra to have the delivery room completely redesigned and outfitted with bullet proof glass, additional security space, and special blinds that blocked potential snap shots from paparazzi and crazed fans. Patients who were delivering babies on the same floor had to be relocated for the duration of Beyonce delivery and were very agitated and inconvenienced due to all the additional security measures that were put in place and several patients stated that they were unhappy because of the unfair treatment they received.  Personalty I am happy anyone who is blessed enough to bring new life into the world in a loving environment so I would like to send my best wishes not only Jay and Bey, but to all new parents who delivered new life into the world recently. And as far as Jay and the Million Dollar price tag to deliver a baby in seclusion…well he felt he did what he had to do for his family, AND it’s his money lol. In other news he Jay recorded a song to commerate the birth of his baby girl, so below is a link to the song so you can take a listen……” LIL ROC NATION”

Jay-Z: Glory-