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“Peyton Manning…A Bronco”

So after months months of talks, speculation, deliberation, conversations, and bookies in Las Vegas having a field day, Peyton Manning has made choice clear about which Organization he will call home in the upcoming 2012-2013 NFL season. The Denver Broncos have made it official that Peyton manning is not only their QB but he is the new face of the franchise.  The reported contract will pay manning $20Million dollars in 2012 and 2013, and $19million Dollars 2015 and 2016 with of course injury clauses in place due to manning looming uncertainty about the strength of his surgically repaired neck and his overall conditioning. The broncos have also sated that they are currently looking for the best possible situation for a Tim Tebow trade to ensure that Tebow is placed in a situation where can succeed and they can focus on Peyton Manning getting back to his former greatness and turn the Broncos into a serious playoff and Superbowl contender. Below is link to an ESPN article describing the situation in greater detail.


“End of an Era in INDY”

After a 14 year reign atop NFL greatness Peyton Manning has parted ways with the Indianapolis Colts, the very team that drafted in 1998. Since Peyton became and NFL quarterback he has only called the Colts organization and both he and the colts have leaps and bounds together as a unit and has undoubtedly changed the face of the NFL. Me being a long time colts and Peyton Manning fan it saddens me to see Peyton go, but as a Businessman and as a self proclaimed NFL expert I understand whyt it was time to part ways. Peyotn has had some serious neck injuries that have required invasive surgical repair on his 34 year old body coupled with the potential abuse that all NFL quarterbacks face the Colts felt that it was time to move on before they had to pay the $28 million dollar pay day that Peyton was owed come March 8th. Also the Colts have the first pick in the draft where many expert believe Stanford QB Andrew Luck will be chosen number 1 overall. So in the position the colts are they chose to release the face of their franchise and basically start rebuilding the colts from the ground up… especially after a dismal 2-14 2011 season, one of the worst in franchise history. So today visibly emotional colts owner Jim Irsay and Peyton manning held a press conference to announce the decision and finalize the end of an era. This is will be a very trying time for Peyton fan’s and colts fans alike seeing how big of impact Peyton had on the entire city of Indy.

With Free agency just a few days away two things are for certain, 1. Peyton is the hottest free agent prospect in years and he will have NO trouble finding an NFL Team and 2. Andrew Luck has a tough road ahead and a hell of a learning curve. But in any case best of Luck to Peyotn(IN MY EYES THE GREATEST) and to the colts.