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“A loss for words…GAME OVER MAN…GAME OVER”

Ok….now I have SEVERAL issues with not only this flyer, but this concept the idea, the name, and hell even the fact that the party is taking place on Martin Lutheran King Dr. I mean come on people you have got to be kidding me…The battle of the complexions. Reasons like this is why there is so much dis-unity in the black community. I mean we cannot even move past the slave mentality that is air-apparent and still very prevalent where we are divided on the basis of skin tone, and we even go as far to say the tone of our skin still equates to a hierarchy in terms in terms of beauty and self worth among African Americans. To be honest images and concepts such as this just simply disgust me and I am embarrassed by this to say the least. It’s 2012 and we in the black community still have a complex about our complexion and we are still slaves on the plantation of the mind. It’s sad to be honest and we really need to let go of this light skin vs. dark skin state of mind and way of thinking. We have got to do better people.

And this is just like WOOOOOOOW, REALLY DUDE…..”GAME¬† OVER MAN…GAME OVER”¬† lol It’s offensive it’s funny.