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“Woman Squeezes Testicles out of Scrotum”

On Tuesday June 6th, a Woman by the name of Joyce Maxine Gregory attacked her unarmed 59 year old boyfriend after some sort of dispute between the couple. It has been reported that on Sunday the couple had a disagreement and she grabbed her boyfriend scrotum in a “Vice-Like” and began to squeeze testicles. The man then tried to jerk himself away from Joyce’s grip, but when he jerked his body away he supposedly “INJURED HIMSELF”…meaning when he jumped back his nuts came out of his sack. This is truly a story where I cannot even begin to comprehend or understand how painful this mist have been for this man. As a fellow man I simply cannot understand what it must feel to literally have you nuts ripped out from your sack. I truly and honestly feel sorry for this guy and I hope this woman get’s some serious jail time. ………#SHOCKED!!!

“Benefits of Masturbation via @JerryLaVigneJr “

Another great video from the big homie Jerry Levinge Jr where he discusses the benefits of masturbation and how positive it truly can be to your health.

” R.I.P Dick Clark”

April 18t,h 2012 Legendary American Entertainer and Icon Dick Clark passed away at the age of 82. Dick Clark has had a truly remarkable life and career and his shoes will never be filled or replaced.  below is a link to an article Chronicle the life of this Truly Amazing figure in American Music history.

“The Big Dick Skit…Funny with host of truth”

Another classically hilarious skit from the guys over at Dormtainment. This skit is hilarious but it does raise a lot of questions about society and our never ending quest for physical perfection and the lengths at which we will go to look and feel good about ourselves.