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Brian McKnight…”Shows you how your Puss* works”…Are you ready to Learn???

This is the finished version of the much heated and controversial song by Legendary Soul singer Brian McKnight that has stirred up a lot of buzz and discussions in recent weeks. This is the first single of the upcoming Adult mixtape that Brian plans to release later this year. Having heard the song and the reason behind the song, and being a huge fan of his I 100% support him and I personally like the song. He has a message that he is trying to convey and I beleive he has gotten his point across. Me being a Blogger, Video Blogger, and artist I can say first hand that if you’re not shocking someone then you are not doing your job properly. Check out the song and leave some feedback with your thoughts.

“Brian McKnight Responds to the Criticism”

This is an interview from Legendary artist Brian McKnight responding to all of the criticism that he has received for his song “Show you How your pussy works” An Amazing and Real interview so everyone should check it out.

“Briank McKnight shows ladies how thier Puss*** Works???”

I really have no idea what to say about this video lol I mean Brian McKnight get’s very raw and real on this “song” if this is even a real song or a mixtape project. It was kind of weird hearing the wholesome B McKnight sing about squirting and skeeting but hell we are all adults here people and let’s be honest…Better Sex=Happier Planet. So I say let em know them how that thang works.