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“Kain Carter New Video: Male Honesty @hotdamnirock”

This is a new video from the Homie Kain Carter and the topic of the video is male honesty. The bro Kain REALLY hit home with this one and it’s so much #TrueSpeech in this video I can’t even explain it so you have got to watch the video. Big Ups to Kain Carter!!!

“Shut The Hell Up- New #TrueSpeech Discussion VLOG”

In This video I discuss the power of communication and how far to many people are to busy talking to actually effectively communicate with one another.



“Happy Mother’s Day”

A very special mother’s day video from me to all you mother’s out there.

“The Big Dick Skit…Funny with host of truth”

Another classically hilarious skit from the guys over at Dormtainment. This skit is hilarious but it does raise a lot of questions about society and our never ending quest for physical perfection and the lengths at which we will go to look and feel good about ourselves.


Suddenly and tragically we have lost yet another ICON in American Music. Last night music legend Whitney Houston was found dead in her L.A hotel room by her bodyguard. This is truly another sad in American culture as another one our cherished sisters has gone home far to soon. It would take more than a simple blog post to list all of the countless accomplishments and milestones and record setting achievements of Whitney Houston so i will simply ask that we all keep her family in our thoughts and prayers. Below is a CNN article with more details about her death and and a list of some of her accomplishments.