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“Can I get a 10 piece with a blowjob please??”

News stories like this one is jut another reason why I write BLOGS and do VLOGS.  A few days ago a Los Angeles woman by the name of Khadijah Baseer was in arrested for apparently offering “sexual favors”  at a local McDonalds restaurant in exchange for chicken McNuggets. It is unclear whether or not she was negotiating for a 10 or 20 piece (hopefully at least a 20 piece and some fries) but what is clear is that she REALLY loves chicken Mcnuggets. The woman was caught when she went up to a customer car in the McDonalds drive thru and offered a gentle a sexual favor for an order of   that of  “McNuggets Lovin” when he reported her to the authorities. No word has been given on whether or not the woman was a drug addict(crackhead) or if she was just really, really hungry, but what we do know is…..well hell I don’t even know. Below is a video of a racist ass McDonalds commercial that I’ve always hated and has always bothered the hell out of me, but for some reason I feel that it would fit perfectly with this story right now lol