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I honestly just love this song and this video is PURE COMEDY lol ENJOY!!!!

“Kim Jong IL is Dead?….F**K EM”

So a few days ago, North Korean Dictator and all around asshole Kim Jon IL died from complications from cancer.  Apparently Kim had been battling cancer for the last few years and had been shying from some major events due to his failing health. Although I do not take joy in anyone’s death, THIS GUY WAS A DICK and I can honestly say  it was probably his time to go. He was a vicious and ruthless dictator who committed genocide against his own people and did absolutely nothing to help the horrendous subhuman conditions and let them suffer while ruled with an iron fist in the lap of luxury. It’s not our place to judge anyone in this world but let’s be real…to hell with this guy and what he stood for. Below is a link to the associated press report and video on the life and death of Kim Jong Il.