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“Red Tails”

A Movie 20 years in the making has finally been released. George Lucas stated in several interviews that he ha had the desire to make this movie for more than 2 decades, but due to countless set backs in the movie industry, mainly, the unwillingness of major Hollywood distribution companies to even touch a film such as this. Lucas is quoted in several interviews stating that many of these large companies told him countless excuses ranging from ” we don’t see much potential internationally for a film like this” or  ” this movie just isn’t green enough” which basically boils down to them really meaning…we’re not putting any money into a black, movie, with an all black cast, based on the real life story of significant black people who made a difference…because they were black.  But despite all of the setback Goegre Lucas decided to completely finance the entire movie himself and release the film under Lucas Films Ltd, and show that he is truly willing to put his money in his beliefs. so I urge all people, not just black people to support this film, not because it tells the story of The Tuskegee Airmen, but because it is a symbol of standing firm in your resolve and in your beliefs, and standing behind what’s right. GO SEE THIS MOVIE, IN THEATERS NOW.

Below is a link to the Red Tails Trailer.