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“@RenCenCoolBeanz ….Inspiration:My Last Album”

RenCenCoolBeanz has just dropped his latest project and if I had to sum it up in one word it would simply be PHENOMENAL. The album is 32 pulse pounding Hip Hop tracks infused with a rock soul feel and recorded in complete surround sound which results in a truly unique listening experience. RenCen enlists the help of a few up and coming soulful and talented Detroit artist throughout the album to truly add another dimension to the project and bring a new flavor to conventional Hip Hop for a sound that Is simply amazing and one that must be heard at loud volumes with quality listening equipment. This an album that tells a story from track 1 all the way to track 32 and it is sure to have you zoned out and vibing while the unmistakable sounds of real live instruments takes your listening mind to another wave length. Congratulations to RenCen for stepping outside of the  box and delivering a truly great album.  you can find this album along with the entire collective of RenCen’s music on his bandcamp page and on Itunes.

Lastly I must send my respects to RenCen who recently announced that August 25th, 2012 Detroit will host the Every Music festival which will be put together by RenCen and Jelly. Thank you for giving Detroit artist our own platform to shine and put our craft on display in our backyard.