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“Detroit Police Chief Sex Scandal” – New #TrueSpeech VLOG

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This is my latest VLOG about Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee and the sex scandal that has rocked the entire city of Detroit to it’s very core. The VLOG also talks about how psychotic the women are that Godbee has been caught fooling around with. A TRUE MUST WATCH!!!

Police Chief Ralph Godbee…Side Piece NUMBER 2 AND a 3 year old condom!!!

Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee just keeps on racking up a higher and higher body count. The woman in this picture is Lt. Monique Patterson with the Detroit police department and the reason I am blogging about this woman today is because she is yet another piece to the Ralph Godbee sex & corruption scandal. Now outside of the fact that she to, much like Angelica Robinson was promoted through the ranks of the Detroit Police department by police chief Godbee, but this woman openly admits that she slept with Godbee and carried on a relationship with him under the direct impression that he would help advance her career. What could have given her this impression you might ask? WELL….A series of Kwame Kilpatrick style text messages between Patterson and Godbee  explicitly detailing their sexual encounters, professions of love, DIRECT TALKS OF USING THE POLICE CHIEF’S INFLUENCE TO HELP PATTERSON’S CAREER ADVANCE, and a host of other intimate conversations between two adults engaging in all types of get down.

Now let me explain WHY this particular story really stood out to me. Monique Patterson reached out to a local Detroit News anchor to come forward with the evidence she had on Godbee and their relationship as well as the career advancement, and when she was asked about any physical evidence she had to validate her claims, she stated that she kept the Condom they used during sex from October of 2009. Now if case you read past the last sentence then let me repeat what I just typed…SHE KEPT A CONDOM THEY USED DURING SEX FROM OCTOBER OF 2009.  Patterson stated that the reason she kept the condom was because she wanted Godbee and everyone else to know that was not ” Just a stalker or just Some lying bitch”  Patterson further went on to explain that Godbee literally traded sex for promotions & Mainly in her case due to the fac that she was promoted. Prior to the beginning of their relationship Patterson was head of the sex crimes division and during their relationship she was appointed to work directly with Police chief Godbee & his team.


Now the woman in the picture is Monique Patterson but the gentleman in the picture is former police chief Warren Evens. Now here comes yet another question…WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN THE DETROIT POLICE DEPARTMENT??? IS EVERYONE SCREWING EVERYONE FORA PROMOTION THESE DAYS or does anyone earn their job or promotion the right way. to me this is one of the main reason why the DPD is FAILING, and the city of Detroit is the War zone that it is today. I am disgusted, appalled, and mortified that these are the people in charge of ensuring the after of one of the largest and unfortunately most violent cities in America. personally I think they should all be removed from their positions pending an investigation and we need to hire a whole new staff to help make some changes & attempt to get this city under control. The people involved in this scandal and situation are to old to make such TERRIBLE LIFE DECISIONS. Personally I want to know what you all think after hearing me spew a novel about how I feel about the situation. Leave a comment Below or hit up my facebook page at   and if you want to watch the interview with Monique Patterson check out the link below on

“Police Chief Suspended over Psychotic Girlfriend”

A picture is worth a thousand words and right now this picture is preaching a sermon. The woman in this picture is named Angelica Robinson and she was romantically involved with current Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee Jr. Now what would cause a woman to do such a thing as to post a picture like this not only on the internet but to post this picture on twitter? Here is the background of the story, Police Chief Ralph Godbee was romantically involved with the woman in this picture, who is holding a Department issued firearm in her mouth, who just so happens to work for internal affairs for the Detroit police department. AND she is also married…to someone else. Godbee is currently seperated from his wife and has not filed for divorce quite yet so legally he is still married as well. The relationship has apparently been taking place for quite some time, an supposedly during the tenure of the affair Robinson was promoted to her current job with Internal affairs and now that the relationship has come to surface the validity of her promotion is up for questioning.

Fast forward to a few days ago where police Chief Godbee is at a nationwide police chief conference in San Diego and he just so happens to travel with a female companion…that is not Robinson. The unnamed female companion tweeted a photo over looking the hotel balcony with a caption that stated “Breakfast with my bay” now Robinson saw this twitter update and was so distraught that in turn took to twitter posting the ABOVE PICTURE with once gain..A DETROIT POLICE DEPARTMENT ISSUED GUN IN HER MOUTH!!! When Godbee learned of this instance he sent two officers to go to Robinson’s house and try to stop her from harming herself but the issue is that Robinson lives in Farmington hills Michigan which a Detroit suburb and the Farmington Hills police were never notified which is against department regulations and against the polices of jurisdiction between departments.

Fast forward to day where Mayor Dave Bing has suspended the police chief for 30 days pending a full  investigation of the entire ordeal and what may have also taken place. AS a tax paying Detroit citizen I am personally outraged by this behavior in my police department and i now realize that the one of the main reasons Detroit is a War Zone is because our police department is an utter joke and complete laughing stock. My police Chief is to busy banging all of his subordinate officers to actually put polices in place to fix the rampant crime rate and unreal homicide body count racking up in the city.  Now there is nothing wrong with a single man and a single woman coming together to date, screw around or whatever…BUT NOT IN SITUATIONS LIKE THIS, AND ESPECIALLY WHEN ONE OF THEM IS COMPLETE NUT JOB. I am appalled and outraged and I think that the police chiefs’ suspension is well deserved and if he was removed from his position then I would have sympathy for him. But enough of me rambling, drop a comment and let me know what you think.  Below is a link to a Detroit Free press article that has more details about the case.

Grenade Launcher Hoax stirs Controversy

This video was shot by a Pheonix man named Micheal T. Hurley in where he had his 16 year old nephew dressed as a terrorist and tout around a faux Rocket Propelled Grande launcher in the middle of neighborhood while he had the camera rolling. The young boy in the video actually walked around the city pointing the RPG at cars, and people for over 15 minutes with no immediate response from authorities after several concerned calls to 911 from witnesses. Hurley stated that the entire video was done in order test police response time to an emergency situation.

Personally I agree with the ends to test your theory but I feel that this stunt was dangerous and over the top. This young man could have actually been shot on sight by authorities if they felt he was a legitimate threat, or a misguided vigilante might have taken matter into their own hands. Although I feel that emergency response times are grossly unacceptable, I feel that stunts like this only add to the problem and not the solution. refer to the story of the boy who cried wolf…after while no one cared when there was a real emergency. A Perfect example is my home city of Detroit where police no longer show up to calls that a re not life threatening emergency i.e. the reports of guns, gunshots, or gunfire mainly.
This is the reason we cannot waste time and resources on hoax’s and pranks like this video. I agree that things need to change as far response time but this is not he way to go. you can watch the short clip and judge for yourself. Below is a link to an article that describes the entire events of in full detail.

“Zombie-Like drug induced man eats another man’s face….while NAKED”

So here is another bizarre and unreal story of psychotic zombie like cannibalism where a Miami man named Rudy Eugene was shot to death after police witnessed him devouring a man’s face while completely naked on a freeway underpass. Yes you heard me right when I stated that Rudy was butt naked eating almost 80% of a man’s face. When authorities first responded to the scene they noticed Rudy naked hunched over the victims body they were forced to shoot him once after several attempts to reason with him. Rudy took the gunshot and continued eating the man’s face after growling at the officers when they initially shot him. The officers were then forced to open fire multiple times on Rudy until he died. Authorities are blaming this episode of erratic behavior on a LSD type of Hallucinogenic methamphetamine called “Bath Salts.”  ME PERSONALLY I don’t necessarily buy into the whole idea that drugs are the cause of such an unspeakable and heinous act. I don’t know what’s going on in this world today but something does not sit well with me and I honestly believe that with all the instances of cannibalism recently  someone is not telling us something important and I for one do not want to be at the short end of the information stick when it’s to late to react. I say this…PEOPLE….WE NEED TO PRAY AND PASS THE AMMUNITION. #TRUESPEECH.

Below is a link to the article describing the information about the case in greater detail.