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“Tupac performs live at Coachella 2012”

This is a video of a hologram projection of Tupac Shakur Performing at this years Coachella Music Festival during Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre’s Closing performance. This is Truly a testament to how far we have come in terms of Technology in the Music and computer Industry. This is Truly truly an amazing video and one that must be seen.

“Somali Pirates…from a Somalian Perspective”

This is an interview with Recording K’nann, who is a native of Somalia,  where he gives his take on the Somali Pirates and some hidden facts and truths about the actual purpose and goals of the Somali pirates. This is a very enlightening interview and it gives a whole new perspective on an issue I thought i figured out, but it is just another example of how minimal information and the medias portrayal influence our opinion without all the facts.