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Cops Tracking us through Cell Phones WITHOUT warrants

This is a youtube video about how the police are violating our rights as citizens and tracking our phone calls, messages, and whereabouts through our cell phones without proper warrants. Please watch this video and be informed.

“American men are 5th Worst lovers on the planet….apparently”

So Below is an article that I came across today in the Huffington post which ranked a list of countries with the top 10 worst and best male lovers taken from a survey of over 3.5 million women around the world.  Here is what bothered me…AMERICA IS RANKED AS THE 5TH WORST  IN THE WORLD. As an American man I take offense to this whole survey and the reason as to why  we are the 5th worst. According the women surveyed they view American men as to rough and dominating in bed. Now having posted this as a status on facebook and twitter I have found that many American women actually agree with this survey and they feel that American men are far to aggressive when it comes to laying the pipe(to put to bluntly). So here is some advice to help alleviate  this issue fellas……..ASK WOMEN WHAT THEY LIKE INSTEAD OF ASSUMING THEY LIKE THE SAME THING. Communication is the key to this issue and acting on the conversation will lead to more sexually satisfied people in the world. So remember fellas communicate, ask questions, act on it, and when all else fails….be REALLY good at giving head.  Below are the results of the survey so you can the top 10 best performing countries and the top 10 worst performing countries and the reasons why each country made the list.

Best Performing Countries

1. Spain

2. Brazil

3. Italy

4. France

5. Ireland

6. South Africa

7. Australia

8. New Zealand

9. Denmark

10. Canada

Worst Performing Countries

1. Germany (too smelly)

2. England (too lazy)

3. Sweden (too quick)

4. Holland (too dominating)

5. America (too rough)

6. Greece (too lovey-dovey)

7. Wales (too selfish)

8. Scotland (too loud)

9. Turkey (too sweaty)

10. Russia (too hairy)

New #TrueSpeech VLOG 5: “#Trayvon Martin”

In this video I discuss the Tragic events surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin and I give my take son the facts, evidence, and the way the that Local Authorities are handling this issue. below are the links to the petitions and the movements to bring Justice to Trayvon Martin’s family.……



“@RenCenCoolBeanz ….Inspiration:My Last Album”

RenCenCoolBeanz has just dropped his latest project and if I had to sum it up in one word it would simply be PHENOMENAL. The album is 32 pulse pounding Hip Hop tracks infused with a rock soul feel and recorded in complete surround sound which results in a truly unique listening experience. RenCen enlists the help of a few up and coming soulful and talented Detroit artist throughout the album to truly add another dimension to the project and bring a new flavor to conventional Hip Hop for a sound that Is simply amazing and one that must be heard at loud volumes with quality listening equipment. This an album that tells a story from track 1 all the way to track 32 and it is sure to have you zoned out and vibing while the unmistakable sounds of real live instruments takes your listening mind to another wave length. Congratulations to RenCen for stepping outside of the  box and delivering a truly great album.  you can find this album along with the entire collective of RenCen’s music on his bandcamp page and on Itunes.

Lastly I must send my respects to RenCen who recently announced that August 25th, 2012 Detroit will host the Every Music festival which will be put together by RenCen and Jelly. Thank you for giving Detroit artist our own platform to shine and put our craft on display in our backyard.

New TrueSpeech VLOG: “#Detroit2012”

This video I hit the streets of Detroit and explain give you all a dose of reality. As people we are so quick to hop on the next bandwagon activist trend or campaign to hunt down a villain but we don’t even take the time to help our own community. Everyone please watch and take notice.