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“Police Chief Suspended over Psychotic Girlfriend”

A picture is worth a thousand words and right now this picture is preaching a sermon. The woman in this picture is named Angelica Robinson and she was romantically involved with current Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee Jr. Now what would cause a woman to do such a thing as to post a picture like this not only on the internet but to post this picture on twitter? Here is the background of the story, Police Chief Ralph Godbee was romantically involved with the woman in this picture, who is holding a Department issued firearm in her mouth, who just so happens to work for internal affairs for the Detroit police department. AND she is also married…to someone else. Godbee is currently seperated from his wife and has not filed for divorce quite yet so legally he is still married as well. The relationship has apparently been taking place for quite some time, an supposedly during the tenure of the affair Robinson was promoted to her current job with Internal affairs and now that the relationship has come to surface the validity of her promotion is up for questioning.

Fast forward to a few days ago where police Chief Godbee is at a nationwide police chief conference in San Diego and he just so happens to travel with a female companion…that is not Robinson. The unnamed female companion tweeted a photo over looking the hotel balcony with a caption that stated “Breakfast with my bay” now Robinson saw this twitter update and was so distraught that in turn took to twitter posting the ABOVE PICTURE with once gain..A DETROIT POLICE DEPARTMENT ISSUED GUN IN HER MOUTH!!! When Godbee learned of this instance he sent two officers to go to Robinson’s house and try to stop her from harming herself but the issue is that Robinson lives in Farmington hills Michigan which a Detroit suburb and the Farmington Hills police were never notified which is against department regulations and against the polices of jurisdiction between departments.

Fast forward to day where Mayor Dave Bing has suspended the police chief for 30 days pending a full  investigation of the entire ordeal and what may have also taken place. AS a tax paying Detroit citizen I am personally outraged by this behavior in my police department and i now realize that the one of the main reasons Detroit is a War Zone is because our police department is an utter joke and complete laughing stock. My police Chief is to busy banging all of his subordinate officers to actually put polices in place to fix the rampant crime rate and unreal homicide body count racking up in the city.  Now there is nothing wrong with a single man and a single woman coming together to date, screw around or whatever…BUT NOT IN SITUATIONS LIKE THIS, AND ESPECIALLY WHEN ONE OF THEM IS COMPLETE NUT JOB. I am appalled and outraged and I think that the police chiefs’ suspension is well deserved and if he was removed from his position then I would have sympathy for him. But enough of me rambling, drop a comment and let me know what you think.  Below is a link to a Detroit Free press article that has more details about the case.

Dating and Relationships…The TrueSpeech Perspective

This week Jr The BossMan asked me to come on his show and give my take on Dating and Relationships, and some of the problems and issues that I see coming from both men and women(MAINLY WOMEN) today and how it has ruined the dating game. The first show was so Successful that he asked me to come on for part 2 to finish breaking down the game. Below are the links to The BossMan Podcast where you can listen to Part 1 and Part 2 of the show so you can get some game and knowledge about the Dating World of today.

A Conversation with TrueSpeech Part 1:

A Conversation with TrueSpeech Part 2:

“Shut The Hell Up- New #TrueSpeech Discussion VLOG”

In This video I discuss the power of communication and how far to many people are to busy talking to actually effectively communicate with one another.



Brian McKnight…”Shows you how your Puss* works”…Are you ready to Learn???

This is the finished version of the much heated and controversial song by Legendary Soul singer Brian McKnight that has stirred up a lot of buzz and discussions in recent weeks. This is the first single of the upcoming Adult mixtape that Brian plans to release later this year. Having heard the song and the reason behind the song, and being a huge fan of his I 100% support him and I personally like the song. He has a message that he is trying to convey and I beleive he has gotten his point across. Me being a Blogger, Video Blogger, and artist I can say first hand that if you’re not shocking someone then you are not doing your job properly. Check out the song and leave some feedback with your thoughts.

“Brian McKnight Responds to the Criticism”

This is an interview from Legendary artist Brian McKnight responding to all of the criticism that he has received for his song “Show you How your pussy works” An Amazing and Real interview so everyone should check it out.