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“Zombie-Like drug induced man eats another man’s face….while NAKED”

So here is another bizarre and unreal story of psychotic zombie like cannibalism where a Miami man named Rudy Eugene was shot to death after police witnessed him devouring a man’s face while completely naked on a freeway underpass. Yes you heard me right when I stated that Rudy was butt naked eating almost 80% of a man’s face. When authorities first responded to the scene they noticed Rudy naked hunched over the victims body they were forced to shoot him once after several attempts to reason with him. Rudy took the gunshot and continued eating the man’s face after growling at the officers when they initially shot him. The officers were then forced to open fire multiple times on Rudy until he died. Authorities are blaming this episode of erratic behavior on a LSD type of Hallucinogenic methamphetamine called “Bath Salts.”  ME PERSONALLY I don’t necessarily buy into the whole idea that drugs are the cause of such an unspeakable and heinous act. I don’t know what’s going on in this world today but something does not sit well with me and I honestly believe that with all the instances of cannibalism recently  someone is not telling us something important and I for one do not want to be at the short end of the information stick when it’s to late to react. I say this…PEOPLE….WE NEED TO PRAY AND PASS THE AMMUNITION. #TRUESPEECH.

Below is a link to the article describing the information about the case in greater detail.

“Homeless Woman Tries to eat a baby”

This is just a story that is beyond unreal, strange, bizarre, and just plain psychotic. Below is an article written for about a homeless woman named Natasha Hubbard who violently attacked a 4 month old infant while he was being pushed in his stroller. After the attack Hubbard tried to break the young infants arm off & eat it. The article below describes the incident in all it’s details.

“Police arrested a 36-year-old homeless woman for allegedly snatching a baby boy from his stroller and slamming him into a pole, then trying to break his arm off so she could eat it, authorities said Wednesday.

Adriana Miranda was walking with her sister in downtown Los Angeles during the July 21 incident, pushing her 4-month-old son down the street when Natasha Hubbard allegedly reached into the stroller, unbelted the baby and grabbed him by the leg, swinging him overhead before slamming him into a rail, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The boy’s mother and aunt tried to fight Hubbard off, and when Miranda was finally able to grab the baby back Hubbard scratched at her and kept trying to fight.

The baby received only minor injuries and was treated for bruises and scratches.

According to the Times, Hubbard ran away but witnesses helped identify her, leading to her arrest. She was charged with aggravated assault and her bail set at $30,000. She is currently on probation for both a narcotics case and a battery case, and has been arrested for aggravated assault before.

In an interview with detectives, Hubbard confirmed she tried to break the baby’s arm off in order to eat it.”

Yeah so like I said….The world is clearly heading in a strange direction and I personally believe that zombies are about to start walking among us, so my advice is to pray and pass the ammunition.

“Kony2012 Co-Founder Arrested…Update”

So this is the first time I have updated or changed a post ever, but in this particular case I feel it feel it is ABSOLUTELY necessary. My sources(google) have obtained a photo of Jason Russel running naked through the streets in broad daylight in California. SO here is the photo to prove that I was not simply blowing smoke with my last post. So Take a look below and see for yourself .

See, I dont make this stuff up people….I just blog about it. #TrueSpeech

So once again BEFORE you hop on the next bandwagon people do a little bit of research about the people you are supporting before you spend your hard earned. It was reported that Invisible Children Co-Founder and creator of the Kony 2012 movement was arrested for public drunkeness and masturbating in public. Reports of eyewitness sates that Russel was seen running through the streets in his underwear screaming and pounding his fist on the sidewalk and then reportedly took things a step further by removing his clothes and running through streets masturbating. I really don’t have to many words to describe how truly odd this story is but I will say this to everyone who may read this post. BE CAREFUL of the people you idolize and place on your shoulders because at the end of the day we are all human, and no one is perfect. People for future references please do your research on who these bandwagon movement before you devote all your support to a cause….or a masturbating drunk guy. Below is a link to a Washington post article describing the events in in detail.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=f5f10ba442e5ddd8&biw=1366&bih=610

“Youuuuuuuuuu Crank those Felonies, Youuuuuuuuuuu Crank those Felonies”

so I discovered today that “Deandre Cortez Way” AKA Soulja Boy was arrested in Atlanta this week for illegal possession of marijuana, possession of a firearm, and other illicit substances that were discovered in his Escalade when the authorities conducted a search of the vehicle after pulling him over. Now although his music is that of a child, Deandre is a grown ass man and after seeing so many rappers in the industry get busted, convicted, and jailed for this very same thing I cannot feel sorry for him, he should have known better and been smarter about what he kept in his vehicle, and now another young black male has to go in front of a judge and explain their lack of judgement and terrible decision making. I see now after so many years of rapper, actors, and entertainers getting arrested for the dumbest things that money truly does not make you any smarter,  it just makes you a bigger target……………………………. “YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU”